We find the best fit for your needs.


We partner with both Concept Industries and Corr Grain Systems to offer you the best quality and value          


Concept Bins


  • Quality at an economical price
  • Widest skid base on the market, built for stability
  • All P&O steel including: roof, side-wall, legs and cone
  • All Concept bins come standard with an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat


Large Grain Bins

Corr Grain considers large grain bins as any flat bottom bin greater than 30,000 bushels. They offer a wide range of sizes and can equip the bins with a number of options and extras to customize each customer’s farm application.

Hopper Bottom Bins

Corr Grain’s hopper bins can be ordered in many different sizes but the most popular are the 5,000, 7,000, and 10,000 bushel models. Hopper bottom bins can be mounted on any of the multiple brands of hopper cones that they carry.


Do you need Grain or Fertilizer storage?

We offer Concept Smoothwall Bins, Grain, Fertilizer, Feed and Seed Bins These are great quality bins at a competitive price. We also sell Westeel bins from 2400 bushels up to 72,000 bushels, to cover all your storage needs.