We control the quality of the seed we sell.



Seed and Grain Cleaning

Our state of the art seed cleaning plant is the anchor of our business. Through it, we control the quality of the seed we sell. Our  system removes all small, diseased, unthrifty seeds while not losing any of the biggest high yielding seeds. The result is your seed will have the potential to out yield others by 10%. (*based on research conducted by Dr. Elmer Stobbe in 1992 at the University of Manitoba). That yield difference is more than the yield difference between varieties. If you are entering any yield challenges this year, get your bin run seed cleaned by our plant… you will like the results.

We are able to clean your grain to whatever standard you need. We can plump your malt barley and remove tombstone and ergot from your wheat or barley. The cleaning facility has endless adjustments to meet your needs.

certified under CGC HACCP


Loading and Unloading


Unloading can by done directly into our cleaning facility using our conveyor/bucket elevator system. There are also a number of augers or conveyors that can be used to unload into hopper bin storage. The hopper bins range in size from 700 bushels to 7,000 bushels 190.5 Mt.) All equipment and storage are cleaned and inspected before use.


Loading can be done a variety of ways. Loading directly from the cleaning facility can be done by conveyor or auger. If product is stored in other locations, a weigh conveyor can be used to load. We can load Bulk trucks, bulk intermodal containers, and bulk bags in dry vans. We work with our customers to find the best fit for their needs.


Ellis Seeds has invested in the cleaning process over the past 5 years. Capacity is
now over 10 Mt/hr (400 bushels/hr) for wheat and 5 Mt/hr (200 bushels/hr) for flax.