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Welcome to our new website and the new addition of a blog. We are very excited to have a modern website with the ability to work on smartphones. To find out more about who we are visit the about section.


For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Simon Ellis. I am Warren Ellis’ son and co-owner of Ellis Seeds. I have a passion for all that is agriculture. It is my hope that with the use of this blog I can help to give up to date information on all that applies to farming in Manitoba and on the prairies.


If you have questions or comments please send me an email at or leave a comment below.

Simon Ellis

Simon Ellis


  1. Simon,
    Great video! I loved it. It’s nice to see that old green truck still in operation. When I worked for part of a summer out at the farm with Sean I got to drive that old truck while we picked rocks.
    Your passion for farming is obvious and that video captures it perfectly. Even though I’m just a little older than you in the whole scheme of things, it’s great to see you grow up into the farmer that you are today. Keep on growing!

  2. His Simon, your dad and I are cousins. My mom and your grampa Ernie we’re brother and sister. It’s cool to see everything your dad and you have done with the farm. Your Grampa would be so proud. Tell your dad his cousin Denise from California said hello Good Bless..

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