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Ellis Seeds provides quality seed & grain cleaning services. Capabilities include:

Seed Cleaning: Our state seed cleaning plant is the anchor of our business. Through it, we control the quality of the seed we sell. Our system removes all small, diseased, unthrifty seeds while not losing any of the biggest high yielding seeds. The result is your seed will have the potential to out yield others by 10%. (*based on research conducted by Dr. Elmer Stobbe in 1992 at the University of Manitoba). That yield difference is more than the yield difference between varieties. If you are entering any yield challenges this year, get your bin run seed cleaned by our plant… you will like the results.

Grain Cleaning: using the same seed plant, we are able to clean your grain to whatever standard you need. We can plump your malt barley; remove tombstone and ergot from your wheat or barley. The cleaning facility has endless adjustments to meet your needs.


Seed Treating

Our state-of-the-art system:
• Has the ability to be cleaned in 5 minutes, so there is no risk of contamination between varieties or crop kinds.
• Can apply multiple treatments at the same time.
• Chemical distribution is near perfect.
• Product rates are within 1% of the target.
• Treating speeds range from 50 bushels per minute to an astounding 100 bushels per minute.



Other Services

• Seed Multiplication
• Variety Evaluation