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Ellis Seeds is supplied with high quality Forages and Turf Seed.


From Brett Young Seeds:

Alfalfa Blend 4440 is our favourite for variable land. This blend of five different varieties has four root types. If you are looking for maximum yield across an area with variability, this is the blend for you.

For a strong blend of alfalfa and grass we recommend the #1 Super Hay blend. containing 65% 4440 alfalfa blend, 25% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass, and 10% Promesse Timothy. The adaptability of the alfalfa blend combined with the strong production of both grasses make this an excellent choice for hay.

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From NorthStar Seeds:

With the growing Roots Not Iron production trend, Radish is quickly becoming a popular cover crop. With roots that will reach up to 30 inches and penetrate hardpan. Radish will pull nutrients from lower levels, making them available for the next year’s crop.

Fields with growing salinity issues would benefit with the establishment of a perennial forage crop. The plants would use some of the salt, and when cut the salt is removed from the field. The perennial roots help to improve internal drainage, which moves the remaining salt back into the soil. NorthStar Seeds’ Saline Hay Max is a good fit for increasing areas of salinity.

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